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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NeverScrub®?

NeverScrub is a touch free and effortless solution to keep your toilet bowl fresh and clean. NeverScrub patented delivery system injects powerful cleaning solution directly into your bowl and under the rim. We fight stains smarter not harder. 


Does NeverScrub® REALLY work?

Absolutely! NeverScrub works because of its patented delivery method. Instead of filling your bowl with stain causing tap or hard water..NeverScrub uses the dedicated filling line that fills your bowl after every flush. NeverScrub injects a balanced amount of stain busting formula to automatically clean and maintain your toilet for up to 3 months.

How do you use NeverScrub®?

Simply clip NeverScrub® onto the tank. Attach one tube to the fill valve and place the other in the overflow pipe. There are no tools required, taking less than one minute to install.


Is NeverScrub® refillable?

Yes. To replace NeverScrub® refills, take the protective lid off the refill cartridge and twist it into the NeverScrub® system.  


Will NeverScrub® work with my toilet?

NeverScrub® will work with all toilets that have a fill valve and overflow pipe. 


Is NeverScrub® safe for septic tank systems?

Yes. NeverScrub® cleaner does not damage septic systems due to the controlled output of formula that is put into your toilet. NeverScrub advanced formula is designed to break down with natural light into mostly salt before it enters your septic tank system.

Will NeverScrub® damage toilet tank parts?

No. NeverScrub® does not harm sensitive tank parts. NeverScrub was designed to directly inject into the toilet bowl without the formula ever contacting sensitive and expensive toilet tank parts.


Will the water in the toilet bowl turn blue with NeverScrub®?

No. We do not use color or dye to hide stains. NeverScrub® actively destroys stain causing hard water and leaves the water crystal clear with a fresh clean scent.


Does NeverScrub® continue to work in between flushes?

Yes. NeverScrub® directly fills your bowl with every flush to continuously clean between, during and after every flush!


How long does NeverScrub® last?

Each NeverScrub® refill cartridge lasts up to 3 months.


What happens if children or pets come into contact with toilet bowl water that has NeverScrub® in it?

Bowl water treated with NeverScrub® cleaner is not considered harmful to children or pets. However, it is not recommended that pets drink regularly from the toilet bowl.


Where is NeverScrub® made in and what is the warranty?

NeverScrub® is made in U.S.A. We back our product 100%. For any reason, you are unsatisfied, please email us and we will be happy to assist in your customer satisfaction. 

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